Wonder why teachers are afraid to speak up?

This teacher dared question why the superintendent in their district revived a large raise while the teachers had received none. She didn’t break any rules or laws and likewise was civil while doing so, despite this she was handcuffed and humiliated. Dragged out.

Teachers in Florida since 2010 or if they want to be eligible for decent raises are all on one year contracts which has a chilling effect on teachers speaking up, asking questions, or even hoping to have reasonable work weeks as the pressure on them to like it or leave it has intensified. Many teachers are already fearful for their jobs, so why would they speak up when they could be so poorly treated or let go for doing so?
Since I started the blog a current siting school board has threatened my job repeatedly, harassing me. They have also called me a liar, a parasite, and maladaptive and said that I shouldn’t be a teacher for doing nothing but exercising my rights on my time. Furthermore the district has threatened to sue me and another school board member who has never seen me teach nor talked to my parents or peers, questioned my teaching ability. Maybe I should be glad I haven’t been placed in handcuffs.

The district the teacher above came from announced they wouldn’t press charges. No apology, no, hey sorry about that things just got a little carried away, just a, we’re not going to have you thrown in jail and your job is safe… for now. Teachers all over the nation received their message loud and clear.

The thing is we will never reach our potential as long as the powers that be ignore teachers. As long as the system treats teachers like adversaries rather than collaborators. We will never reach our potential as long as teachers are considered easily replaceable cogs, to be disrespected, insulted or fired for speaking out or dragged out in handcuffs, never.

This should give us all a long pause, when we think about where education has come. Do we want a system that disregards and disrespects teachers or do we want a system that embraces and appreciates them because I will tell you its the second one that we currently have. 

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  1. As long as we have a profession comprised of mostly women, this is what will continue to happen. At this rate, teachers can only hope to get two or three raises over their career should they choose to stay. Based on the current environment, I propose that we have a national "Work the Contract" month and show folks what teachers really do and don't do in this profession. Speaking of which, nobody is going to pay teachers if they keep volunteering their time!! It is simple math- why pay for something when you can get it for free! Teachers go home at the end of the work day!!!

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