WJCT and The Jacksonville Public Education Fund team up to decieve the public and deamonize teachers.

This is getting really disappointing. I expect the Jacksonville Public education Fund to have an agenda after all they aren’t run by educators but instead by ideologues but WJCT, our public radio station, they should both know and strive to do better.

JPEF is having a “Teaching Transformation” event on March 10th at the WJCT studios and I encourage everyone who can to attend, follow the link below. 

This is from the page describing the event.

“Teaching Transformation” will take you inside the local Quality
Education for All Fund, aimed at supporting and retaining great teachers
in some of Duval County’s highest-need schools. With teaching quality
as the number one factor in student success, this is a crucial
conversation that every public education advocate will want to attend.


Actually the research says teaching and in school factors contribute
about 20% to learning/success, with outside school factors influencing
much more heavily.See below.

Throw in the words, in school, and yeah they might be accurate, but the
way it is written now implies outcomes are completely up to teachers and nothing could be further from the truth. This also means
they want people to believe that teachers are completely responsible when kids
don’t make the level that some members of society, Gary Chartrand and
the board of the JPEF, think they should, furthermore the statement
discounts the importance of what else is happening in a child’s life.

This is just one more example how WJCT has let their relationship with
Chartrand and the JPEF make them a pawn to push their agenda, which like with Teach for
America and Charter Schools is not grounded in data. Or who knows maybe it is their agenda too.

You don’t have to agree with me, but you should agree with the research and they should put accurate information that reflects it.

Here are some links to the research: 


Here is the thing even if you are like, they meant “in school” and innocently left it out, something I don’t believe for a second, what problems get solved when we only address a fifth of it? the answer is none.

I guess another option is they were just completely ignorant but that opens an entirely different can of worms.

We should expect more and better of WJCT, unfortunately we are not getting it.

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