With less than a week to go Vitti starts firing people

I received this from a reader.

The principal at Mandarin Middle school was unceremoniously canned with 14 days left of school. Vitti went to visit this morning for emergency faculty meeting. He told us the staff he had made some mistakes in placing people at MMS and wanted to own up to them and fix it before he left. Most staff thought this meant a new principal for next year. Nope…it meant, Principal Marx gone is gone and Williams an AP from Stillwell was promoted to Mandarin principal now, effective immediately. What a way to %$#^ someone over on your way out the door! She wasn’t the best principal but she didn’t’ do anything to deserve that.

I am told discipline was terrible at Mandarin Middle, though that’s a problem many schools have experienced under Vitti.

A bigger problem however is this new principal will be the fourth in four years after only having 3 in their first 21 years. Unless your name is Iranetta Wright it seems you don’t get many chances in the district.

Two things, who is next and Sunday, Vitti’s last day can’t get here fast enough.

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  1. Two things cross my mind knowing how he works. Why did he owe the Stilwell AP a favor and what did the Mandarin principal do to tick him, Irenetta, or Mason off? Perhaps a better support system for new administrators , other than the bully mentality would help us develop better leaders. The expectation in this district is that as a new teacher or administrator you should already know it all. That is why professional development in this county is non- existent or is terrible one size fits all. How about helping this principal become a better leader, I mean after all we paid a lot of money to give Vitti a coach to become better because he sucked at it. You are welcome Detroit!

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