Will they won’t they, will they won’t they, it looks like Duval’s librarians are going to be cut.

A little over ten days ago middle school and senior high school librarians were told to expect the worse and elementary school librarians were told they would most likely be working at two schools. Fast forward a week, after frantic e-mails, calls and a sudden epiphany that a district with a reading problem shouldn’t be cutting its media specialists and it looked like they were going to be saved.

The reprieve was apparently short lived as the following is what librarians are now being told. Basically, librarians are cut for middle & high, will split between schools at elem level. It will be a surplus situation for those LMS who weren’t teachers first, those of us who cert in other areas will go back in the classroom, bumping other teachers based on seniority.

I have e-mailed the district for confirmation and if above is true this is sad news for the district.

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