Will superintendent Vitti feel humbled or more embolden after the weeks events

I have no doubts that superintendent Vitti was almost shown the door. Ashley Smith Juarez insists it wasn’t going to happen Friday but regardless it has to resonate when a board chair asks a super to take his talents elsewhere.

It however looks like he is going to be around for a while and for that he has to think the City’s wealthy and white establishment, the same people that pressured the board into extending the superintendents contract nearly a tear before any decisions had been made and before any state data had been released.

It must be nice for him to know so many rich white people who were never in education and for the most part didn’t send their children to public schools and who have been playing lip service to the city’s minority community for years that the city’s business community is behind him.

The question however is will he now feel humbled and start listening to teachers and community members or will he feel even more embolden to continue to tear down our school system under the guise of reform.

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  1. Seriously? Let me think… His ego, getting the best of a woman, keeping his buddies so he can bully the entire city. I imagine there are high fives all around. And his talents stay with us. This will be his new excuse when scores drop. But the good news is that teachers will do what it takes to move their students so who knows maybe poor children and minorities will only be 2 years behind their rich peers now. I just wonder what he'll have to do to us lowly teachers to earn that ringing endorsement of his mediocre performance.

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