Will Monday be the beginning of the end for Superintendent Vitti?

Regardless of what happens in Detroit, if he gets the super
gig there or not, Monday may be the last day for Superintendent Vitti here in
Duval. Let me lay it out for you.  
In Detroit despite considerable push back from the community,
the school board has passed the statutory time limit for picking a
super, Vitti is still the favorite to get a job there. Monday may be the day
they make their choice.
If not but more importantly if they pass, that doesn’t mean the super’s job here is safe.
You see there is a special school board meeting here tomorrow
at 9:00.  It’s no secret a segment of the
board was all right with Vitti applying for the job in Detroit.  If a boss wants to keep an employee they don’t
say, we wish them well in their future opportunities, no, instead they check
the couch cushions for more money, something this board was obviously unwilling
to do.   
Furthermore, I can’t imagine at this point the relationship
between the board and the super is repairable. The Detroit position is definitely
a few steps down the ladder, and even though it is his hometown that tells me he has a foot, and probably a few more body parts, out
the door. The board must know this.
Finally let me ask you a question, if you were on the board
would you rather have a super that you had a good relationship with and wanted
to be here, or one you had a poor relationship with and didn’t.
Most of the time special board meetings are ho-hum affairs,
I however think tomorrows may have some fireworks. My bet is he gets a note
that says, thank you for your service and you may finish the year but then it would
be best if we went our separate ways.    

Check this space.

4 Replies to “Will Monday be the beginning of the end for Superintendent Vitti?”

  1. No more chats with the supe? I like how Vitti came out against the SOS bill today. He'll say anything to get a job but we already knew that. My fear is that Iranetta Wright will be named interim. That's going from bad to worse.

  2. According to the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit school board was supposed to discuss the two candidates last Thursday, but the meeting notice ran into a snag and they postponed the meeting until tomorrow night (Tuesday the 18th, 5:30 PM). Given our requirements for meeting notices, probably tomorrow's meeting to appoint an interim if he got the job, will not be necessary. They'll have to reschedule for later in the week.

  3. As of twenty minutes ago, news says Super Vitti is the choice. That is the way it is and the district might consider looking for a superintendent through the same source that found Super Vitti in the first place.

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