Will Duval County force teachers to give up their continuing contracts to get the bonus?

First teachers are not getting a raise they are getting a
bonus. For it to be a raise the legislature when have had to indicate the
additional money was going to be reoccurring and they didn’t.
Looking at the Florida BAT site some teachers are reporting
their counties are trying to trade money for teachers giving up their
continuing contracts. For the last two years all new hires have received
one-year contracts that are or aren’t renewed annually. Before that, if you had
worked long enough you were on a continuing contract, which boils down to
teachers having work protections. For them if they are going to be let go there
has to be a reason. New teachers have no such protections.

It would be a shame if the district pitted teacher
against teacher and tried to short change it’s most experienced staff members.
There is a hold up for some reason and I wonder if this is it? 

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