Why would anybody in Mandarin vote for Jason Fischer?

Mr. Fischer is definitely the biggest school choice advocate
running for school board. Though a lot of us who follow education issues know
school choice is just another way to say, privatization.

Mr. Fischer won’t tell you this but kids that use vouchers
and go to charter schools as a group don’t have any better education outcomes.
Instead what we lose is educational accountability.
Regardless, I would like you to think about this.
I would be very concerned if I lived in Mandarin and he
won. Some of the best schools in the entire state are in Mandarin and privatization;
because those schools will lose resources will hurt those schools. Sure live in
districts 7 or 5 and say, lets roll the dice on school choice, some of the
schools there are struggling, but in 7??? Those schools are rocking. Why would anybody
want to do anything that would jeopardize those schools or vote for anybody who

Jason Fischer is the wrong choice, we need representatives
that want to improve our schools not blow them up.

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