Why Rick Scott put Rebecca Fishman Lipsey on the state board of education.

First friends it is not a done deal, let your state senators
and other elected officials how outraged by the pick you are.
Here may be a few of the reasons he may this horrible
1.  He thinks teachers
don’t need education degrees and only need five weeks of training, what TFA
teachers have before they start. Full disclosure I don’t have an education
degree nor did I receive five weeks of training before I started 14 years and I
readily admit I was clueless.
2.  He wants to phase
out pensions because in his dystopic vision nobody lasts six years in the
profession. TFA teachers generally only stay for two and six years is how long
it takes to get vested.
3.  He wants to
destroy the power of the teachers unions, you know the ones that saw us lose
tenure, have despite our protests an odious teacher evaluation bill pass and have
positioned us to be some of the worst paid teachers in the nation. That’s not
really a dig at our unions, just an observation that their hatred of unions is disproportionate
to the power that unions here in Florida have.  
4.  He is trying to
distract us from his flip flop on the PARCC and his wishy-washy, will I-won’t
I, who do I listen to Jeb Bush or the Tea Party ever shifting stance on Common
Core. He rightly figured we will be outraged by this pick, but what he probably
didn’t count on was this is Florida and teachers long ago learned to be outraged
by multiple things.
5. She has pictures of him with a dead girl or a live boy.
6. He is dumb or he thinks we are.

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