Why is saving magnet seats during a pandemic even a question?

Some things should be easy. Some things are no brainers and magnet school students keeping their seats if they choose to distance learn during a pandemic is a one of them. Come on DCPS really?

From News4Jax,

The start of the new school year is fast approaching and some parents are concerned about the options provided to secondary students, particularly those of magnet schools.
The Duval County School District’s reopening plan provides students in grades seven through 12 two options; attend in-person classes for a few days a week or enroll in Duval Virtual Instruction Academy full-time. The latter option would involve the student withdrawing from their brick-and-mortar institution.


And the thought is if they were unenrolled they would lose their seats in their choice or magnet programs.

Sigh, you know this is what the district does all too often, they put undue stress on folks. They did it a few months ago when they announced they were extending the school year into June. A few weeks later the waiver came in but the announcement needlessly upset people.

Greene says they are bringing a motion to the board but I don’t get why this wasn’t just announced as part of the reopening plan. I have no doubt it will pass 7-0 but that’s not the point, why it is even an issue is. 

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