Why is Duval attacking its librarians?

Lets examine what has happened
At the elementary level librarians are being half funded by
the district. Principals can find the rest of the funding or pair with another
elementary school and share the cost. Friends this assures that Duval’s
elementary schools will only have a librarian half time. The super says this is the same as last year.
At the middle school and high school, principals are told
they can have a librarian or a full time teacher but most schools are also
being told to budget as if they were going to have 50 less students or
basically the cost of two teachers. In addition schools in the past have been
able to use Title 1 funds for librarians are now being told that they can’t
further limiting principals options.

The district wants to put a full time testing coordinator,
an ISSP teacher, a dean and a graduation coordinator in the schools to do what
the assistant principals and guidance counselors have been doing for years

I get it, we don’t have unlimited resources but at the
end of the day getting rid of the librarians in a district that has a reading
problem seems incredibly short sited.  

Note: I watched the school board meeting where both librarians and the super spoke and at the very least there is a disconnect from what he is saying and what they are hearing.

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