Why is DCPS considering ESY for ESE students?

That is a lot of letters I know. yesterday we had what I considered a rather infuriating ESY training where they said they are planning for in person instruction but it may happen virtually or not happen, and do the paper work anyways. Then the facilitator said we were doing it because the director of ESE wanted us too. Um, what, who gives a $#@& what they want. They won’t be the one potentially putting their lives on the line.

Anyhoo, I stewed and then wrote the super and board. My letter is below, what are your thoughts?


Yesterday I attended a training about extended school year for ESE students. I wanted to give you my and some of my colleagues thoughts. At the training they said they were preparing for in person instruction but said it may be virtual or it may not happen. In person instruction should not be considered. The district has moved sporting events and canceled field trips all in an abundance of caution and it should be the same for our most vulnerable children many of whom have underlying health conditions and deficits when it comes to personal care. The chances of them falling ill if exposed in short are much greater.
I fully acknowledge that virtual learning for many, especially our lowering function students is less than idea, but getting sick or worse during a pandemic is less than idea too and experts expect it to last well into the summer if not longer.
Furthermore as I understand it ESY is not mandatory, It does not have to happen. Why take the chance with something that is optional?  
My preference would be for the district to cancel ESY it is just 14 days in July and I can’t imagine any students falling so far behind if they missed it, that they would be wiling to risk their health and safety, furthermore it is their health and safety which should be the district’s only priority. 
This is a sacrifice, I know. Many staff look forward to the extra three weeks of pay and many families look forward to the three weeks of summer instruction, but in these time sacrifices have to be made.
I would urge you to cancel ESY or at least announce if it happens it will happen virtually, that way families could be better informed, telling them it may be in person, virtual or not even happen leaves to much guess work, and I would urge you to tell them sooner rather than later, so families and staff can make plans.
Once again, the health and safety of the students and staff should be the districts only priority, and going without 14 days in July where a sacrifice, at least won’t potentially harm anyone.
Thank you and stay safe

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