Why is the cost of Common Core rarely mentioned?

A soothing voice in the radio ad asks why are conservatives
like Mike Huckabee, Bill Bennett and Jeb Bush are for common core.
I can tell you the answer, money that’s why, they think it
will make them or their supporter’s money.
Money is one of things largely missed in the common core conversation.
People rarely mention how much it is going to cost and maybe that is because it
is going to cost billions and billions to implement and maintain because of its
heavy reliance on standardized tests.
That is money siphoned out of art and physical education
classes. That money comes from cutting paraprofessionals. We will have common core
but we won’t be able to afford after school and summer school programs. That  money is also going to make testing companies unbelievably
Very rarely does the price of common core come up both financially
and the toll that it will take upon our students many of whom will have to give
up a lot so district’s can afford it.  

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