Why is accountability only good for public schools but not good for choice schools?

From Michael Q. McShane, of the American Institute, writing
in ReDefined Ed: At the same time, conservatives and their school choice
allies can work to create a new and better system.  This system, driven by
parental choice and flexibility in funding, does not have to play by the same
rules as the old system. In fact, it shouldn’t –
First a better system is highly debatable and second WTF!?!
He wants these schools to take from the same pot of money but he doesn’t
want to play by the same rules. These are the same rules by the way, which he all but admits
were created by pro-school choice advocates, ignoring poverty and emphasizing
high stakes testing, that have caused people to want to have choice schools. In
effect they have created a problem and are now seeking to profit off the
My grandmother would call the chutzpah, and my 17 year old
nephew would all it a dick-move. 
He goes on the call public schools a monopoly, which they
have never been and to extol the virtues of the free market system, which
admittedly does work really, really well for a few but the results are definitely mixed for the majority of us. He then also insisted schools would
never council out poor performers or deny ESOL and ESE students from enrollment
and at the point my breakfast started to come up.
I don’t know what I found more appalling, his disconnect
from reality, the gall of him saying accountability should be for public schools
and not choice schools or that somebody would give him a forum and a job to propagate this


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