Why does Florida treat its teachers so poorly?

Florida’s teachers are among the worst paid in the nation
There are zero work protections for teachers hired after 2010
There are Odious teacher evaluation measures
Pay based on standardized test scores, coming soon
Often vilified by leaders such as Gary Chartrand and Jeb Bush
It’s NEAP time friends and in case you don’t know that’s the
standardized test given every couple years that the powers-that-be use to
compare the states and other countries. Since it began in the early nineties,
Florida has seen small but steady growth.
Right leaning pundits say this shows that Jeb Bush’s A-F
grading scale and school choice options are working. They never mention the
class size amendment nor can they prove those reforms didn’t actually slow down
Florida’s progress but they beat the NEAP drum never-the-less. But lets put the
last part of that aside for a moment.

If people like Jeb Bush and the REdefined Ed blog are continuously pointing to Florida and saying what we are
doing is working then why does Florida treat its teachers so poorly? That is a
question we should all be asking.

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  1. The Common Core and No Child Left Behind makes a lot of money for certain companies and individuals.

    It is a well-oiled campaign to blame the teacher while they tie their hands in creating an environment that is hostile to good teaching. So tomorrow they will convince the masses that it will be better to put our children in front of a computer screen than to have a live teacher teaching them.

    And don't fool yourself both the right and the left are promoting this. We wouldn't be at this point if it weren't for teacher unions and NEA to be on board with this too.

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