Why does the Duval County School Board hate poor black kids

Why does the DCSB hate poor black kids? If you don’t think so or have your doubts examine two recent decisions made by the Duval County School Board.

First they gave KIPP permission to create two more schools despite the fact the first one thus far has been a spectacular failure, where kids even regressed. KIPP targets poor black families to find most of their students.

Next they contracted with Teach for America to send the district one hundred teachers a year to work in our inner city schools. These teachers will have no teaching experience, the vast majority won’t even have teaching degrees and even more will leave after just two years. Poor black kids also dominate our inner city schools.

Poverty is the number one factor when determining how a kid does in school and here we are making it even tougher for these kids to succeed. These children are being further hamstrung by the Duval County School Board, it is almost as if the board wants them to fail.

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