Why do people think the public sector would be cheaper and more efficient than public education again?

A  reader said, it’s funny the
private sector always says they can do things better and more efficient than
the public sector but then they are always coming around and asking for more. The truth is the private sector being cheaper and more efficient is a long way from being accurate.
Look at the 250 Charter schools that
have closed in Florida over the yeas including 25 in 2013 alone, they certainly
didn’t do things better or more efficiently. Furthermore charter schools and
voucher proponents are always clamoring for more and more public money, so much so
that Governor Scott wants to give charters here in Florida many of which are
for profit 80 million dollars in free money for maintenance costs. Where is the
efficiency there?
Then Catholic schools recently came
around with hats in their hands asking for more money but you would think they their
congregation or the big man above would provide but nope here they are at the
public trough looking for more.
Finally just today I read a story
about some KIPP charter schools in Texas that were spending more than their public
school counterparts who just gave up and returned the schools to the district they
were in, their complaint was not enough money.  Mind you they had been spending about a third
more than the local public schools but when faced with a cut of public money,
they ran instead..
Friends the private sector may
indeed be cheaper on occasion but in those instances you definitely get what
you pay for.

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