Why do candidates associated with Gary Chartrand feel the need to be deceptive?

Just call me Gary is what half a dozen people have told me
he says when they first met him. He’s on the board of numerous charities, love
him or hate him, he is involved in education and willing to spend huge amounts
of money, and I bet he even rescues puppies and helps old ladies across the
street too. 
He’s also the most dangerous man in Florida education and
the people he supports feel the need to stretch the truth to get elected. First
there was Ashley Smith-Juarez in 2012.
And now there is Willie, who sent out a false and despicable
flyer denigrating his opponent Paula Wright.
You know what else these two have in common? The tens of
thousands of dollars that Chartrand and his friends have funneled into their

Don’t you want somebody on the school board who loves
public education, who wants to work tirelessly to fix the problems, who has
great ideas? Well that’s not the case with Gary’s candidates.  

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