Why did voucher proponents resist accountability so adamantly?

At the beginning of the legislative session voucher proponents
were seeking to triple the amount of funding including opening up sales tax to
pay for the vouchers but now as the legislative session winds down all they
have gotten are some watered down accountability measures, something they
fought against, that don’t include them taking the same test as students who
attend public schools.  
Voucher proponents and the administrator of them, Step
up for Students said to anybody who would listen that the program is important
and tens of thousands of more needy families wanted in. They could have made
sure it happened too and all they had to do was agree that the children who received
the vouchers take the same test public school students did. Instead of
accepting it however they fought tooth and nail against it.  
Maybe they didn’t think it was necessary that kids
take the same test as they ad nauseum said voucher studnets had to take some
norm referenced test instead.  But to help
all those extra families why didn’t they just agree, why did they let the good
be the enemy of the perfect.
I think it is because they know their voucher
program is more akin to a house of cards than an education network. I think
they know that if they were to allow the kids that take vouchers to take the
same test that public school students do they would perform poorly. But who
would expect differently? Private schools that take vouchers don’t have to have
certified teachers or even teachers with degress, they don’t have recognized
curriculums and many teach creationism as science. David Figilo the states own
expert said there are great private schools that take vouchers but really poor
ones too and instead of weeding out the poor ones Step up for Student’s goal
was to greatly expand the program.
Then the legislators who were for it had to practically
twist themselves into knots to find reasons to support it as it went against
most of their already stated stances. Many of the same supporters of vouchers
they believe in STEM (Science,
technology, engineering and math) but at the same time they were okay with
voucher schools teaching creationism as science.  They say they want all of Florida’s kids to
have a great teacher, unless your kid goes to a private schools that takes
vouchers, because those teachers don’t have to be certified, let alone have a
degree. Then how do we know how they are doing unless we can link them to a
test. Now I think that idea is dumb and ineffective but the Florida legislature
doesn’t.  Then there is common core which
they said will save us all from mediocrity and allow us to compete in the
global economy, unless of course your student takes a voucher.
Despite all
this, Step up for Students was about to see the amount of money spent on
vouchers triple and all they had to do was agree that the kids that took them
take the same tests that public schools do and instead they passed.
complete capitulation should worry everyone whether you support vouchers or
not. It should also tell you all you need to know about the program.
It is time
the Florida legislature decided to help our public schools instead of putting
so much time and resources into schools which want more public money but resist

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