Why the best and brightest scholarship? To pay off Teach for America is why

It’s no secret that Tallahassee doesn’t care for public school teachers and even though they are more expensive at least initially they would replace the whole lot of them with Teach for America temps if they could. Teach for America is now in three of the biggest cites in Florida, Jacksonville, Miami and Orlando and to make sure Florida gets its share of them is why we have the best and Brightest Scholarships. You see TFA is struggling to find recruits.

From the Huffington Post: Teach For America, the controversial education nonprofit that places recent college graduates as teachers in disadvantaged classrooms, saw a decline in its number of accepted corps members after previously seeing a drop in applications for the second year in a row, the organization announced Tuesday. 

TFA received over 44,000 applications for the 2015-2016 school year. Last year, the organization received just over 50,000 applications. The previous year, the organization hit a high of over 57,000 applications, topping off years of growth.
At the same time, by maintaining an acceptance rate of 15 percent, the organization is welcoming a smaller class of teaching corps members than in previous years. TFA will have a new teaching corps class of about 4,100 this year, compared to around 5,300 the previous year and about 6,000 the year before that
Instead of trying to staff our classrooms with professional teachers that will make it a career Tallahassee would prefer to pay for gimmicks which assure an ever revolving door of hobbyists n our neediest classrooms and it is shameful.
The entire system would be better if TFA just died away and we concentrated on doing what is best for our children.

Here is the thing, they aren’t even cheap. TFA teachers typically get 10 k in loan forgiveness and I have heard finders fees are up to 5,000 dollars and none of this includes the cost of professional development which has to be done over and over because they leave so quickly.

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