Whose side is Vitti on? Charter schools or Public schools

Make no mistake there is a battle going on between people
who feel public schools helped build this country and those that would privatize
education. Charter schools are the number one weapon of the corporate raiders
who look at our children and see dollar signs. Furthermore charter schools are
not public schools as the pro-choice crowd would have you believe. Instead they
are publically funded private schools run by people more concerned with the
bottom line and profit margins than educating our children.
That’s why I question our superintendent’s motives. First he
went to a conference, on the districts dime, whose theme was how we attract
more charter schools and now he hires a 29 year old former charter school lobbyist
to represent the district.
He says all the time he wants students to leave charter
schools and come back to public schools but when you couple above with 12 new Duval
charter schools opening I can make the case for asking the question, whose side
is he really on.
I want a super who is unabashedly pro public education not
one who says one thing and does another.

Two things, yes public schools do have problems but the
solution is to fix those problems which we could do and there are some charter schools
that do it right unfortunately the movement has been co-opted by real estate
moguls, Chinese millionaires looking for green cards and bankers looking for a
quick buck. 

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  1. Vitti, this SB, need to be on a leash or to go. Public schools can be made great, not by charter competition but by great leadership. There are examples of challenged public schools that became outstanding schools when we work together for children and not for those who prize profit over principle.

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