Who do Smith-Juarez and Fischer really work for?

These are the two school board members who voted for the resolution that was against the voucher lawsuit. I ask who they really work for because it is obviously not for the people who elected them. You see I am sure those people voted for representatives who they thought would fight to improve our public schools.

We know Fischer works for the Tampa Millionaire John Kirtly who has made it his life’s mission to dismantle our public schools. That’s right, he is the one who signs his paychecks.

Smith-Juarez undoubtedly takes her marching orders from Gary Chartrand, the foe of public education grocer who inexplicably is also the chair of the state board of education. Chartrand is not only her former boss but got her elected too.

During the meeting Connie Hall and Smith-Juarez basically said the same thing to explain the rational behind their votes. They both said it had become a distraction and they needed to focus on our kids. They then voted the opposite of each other.

Hall by the way represents the district where voucher kids come from and Smith-Juarez doesn’t.

We should have school board members who love public schools, will fight to improve them and work for their interests. Unfortunately we have two Fischer and Smith-Juarez who don’t.

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  1. They work for Lucifer; its socratic that Luciferians work only for Lucifer. "If you need me to betray my Lord, then all I ask of you is 30 pieces of silver" They cannot be working for God. Isn't it fundamentally, intrinsically logical?

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