White men praise Rick Scott for inviting so many white men to education summit.

State senator Dwight Bullard
criticized governor Scott for inviting so many white men to the education
summit (scroll down my main page to see what he was talking about).
President Don Gaetz and Senate Education Committee
Chairman John Legg, both
known to be white men disagreed.
“Governor Scott should be
commended for elevating the conversation on education in the State of Florida,”
Legg wrote in a statement last week. “It is of utmost importance to convene the
stakeholders to create a comprehensive strategy and I am honored to take
Gaetz said the summit would “provide the leaders of our
Senate committees on education and education appropriations the opportunity to
collect various perspectives and ideas.”

Stakeholders and Leaders of Senate Committees of course they meant more white
also hit the nail on the head when he said: “In order to get it right you have
to recognize where you went wrong,” Bullard wrote. “Over testing,
misdirection of dollars, failure to listen to stakeholder input, and countless
other misfires that have now muddied the water of education. Clean up the mess
and start from a good place in which all ideas are weighed on the value of
their merit and not the size of their checkbook or political affiliation.”

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