Where does Jason Fischer think the money is going to come from or just how out of touch is he? Updated

From the Times Union when talking about
Vitti’s proposal for a technology bond: 
Jason Fischer, another board member, said he
believes in Vitti’s high-tech vision but he wonders if there are better ways to
pay for it than via a general revenue bond, including finding money in the
district’s regular budget.

Um, hundreds of people are losing their jobs this year as
the district guts its secretarial and security pool. That’s on the street with no
benefits to pay for Vitti’s plans, plans that Fischer has voted for.
If there is money being wasted, a duplication of services
that could be stopped or a bad a plan out there then I wish Fischer would bring
it to our attention. 

Fischer is taking the notion that being a school board
is a part time gig to all new heights. His out of touchness (yes I know I just
made up that word) is stunning. 

Update: I received the following note from Mr. Fischer and as someone who has been misquoted/taken out of contest by the TU, I find what he says completely plausible, I do however also disagree with Mr. Fischer and think the time is right and the need is great for a bond. 

The TU never called me about the story. They are referencing a brief conversation that happened at a workshop over a month and a half ago. The fact is that we didn’t have a detailed conversation around this issue. There was strong push back against the idea of doing a bond. I very specifically said that the public was not ready for a bond, and that I was against raising taxes.

2 Replies to “Where does Jason Fischer think the money is going to come from or just how out of touch is he? Updated”

  1. The Jacksonville Daily Record has a great article on Jon Heymann today. It outlines his dedication to the youth of this city. How Jason Fischer was elected over him I'll never know.

  2. Fischer is dangerous because he'll do anything for political gain. (See his puppylike devotion of Jeb Bush.) This former Ed White graduate and naval engineer(no he wasn't in the Navy) has sold out his westside roots & it's not because he's concerned about the future of his children.

    Ashley Juarez Smith on the other hand was born with a silver spoon in her mouth & attended the finest private schools money can buy. She spent a couple of years slumming it with at risk youth for photo opps & now she's somehow qualified to make policy decisions?

    Fischer is a politician while Juarez is an idealogue. It's like picking the lesser of two evils.

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