When rich white guys start talking about underprivlaged children and vouchers, hide your wallet. (rough draft)

Friends they only want to save poor, mostly black kids from
the tyranny of their zip codes.  Who
cares if they will take home 27 million in 2018 if there plan works out. That’s
a small price to pay to give parents a choice.
I mean what if a parent doesn’t want their kid to learn sex
ed, about evolution or they have an irrational fear or hatred of teachers
unions, want their kids to go to schools without certified (or educated)
teachers  in strip malls where they can
learn creationism. Something like 12% of the schools that receive vouchers
teach creationism. Hey you might just think that separation of church and state
is just for show.  Furthermore who are we
to say we can’t take money out of the coffers of the state which is supposed to
be for all of our benefit, which is what public education is, and instead have
it serve just a few
I get tired of the six figured executives like John east of Step
for Students saying they are pushing vouchers for poor kids. Take a teacher
salary and then come back and talk to me. If they were really interested in
helping kids they would be lobbying to put resources and programs into our
poorer schools that mitigate poverty. Wrap around services, smaller classes, a
longer school day and or year and social workers and counselors because often why
a kid doesn’t do well in school has nothing to do with school. That not a
voucher to a private school in a strip mall where teachers with their
associates degree can attempt to explain creationism is what we need.
Instead they want to send kids to a basically substandard
option and yes I do know voucher kids overall are on par with public school kids, a handful
of really good religious schools bringing the average up, but public schools
don’t pick who they take and keep and unfortunately can’t put requirements on
parents like private schools can. It’s an uneven playing field and all they can
manage to do is tie.
I don’t think John East or the mercenaries at Step up for Students
 and remember their, how to pay off
legislators video surfaced earlier this week, care one bit about the children they
say they are shilling for and neither should you.

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