When people call for accountability and transparency and an end to LGBTQ discrimination, CM Rory Diamond attacks teachers

Scott Maxwell has done amazing work spreading light on the
fact Florida’s voucher schools are allowed to discriminate. On a side note, he
liked two of my tweets, and I was giddy about it.

Well when another representative said Step up for Students,
the state’s main voucher provider, should have accountability and transparency,
he attacked the rep and the state’s teacher unions.
This from the guy who took a million dollars from Gary
“Charter” Chartrand and who has been doing his bidding fighting against the
city’s schools and children for going on a year now.
Also his push back against accountability and transparency
is particularly disgusting because he is in charge of an investigation looking
into the JEA fiasco, promising transparency as he goes.
Then think about this, he is scoffing at the discrimination
of LGBTQ people. He’s dismissing the informing of the public of businesses who
pay for that discrimination as a ploy somehow engineered by the teacher’s
union. He doesn’t say discrimination is wrong, he doesn’t say the public
shouldn’t be paying for discrimination, no he blames teacher unions. How is
that acceptable?
The beaches and Jacksonville deserve better, much, much

To see the entire tweet, click the link,

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