When is an invalid test valid? When it is taken in Florida.

And we
paid six hundred thousand dollars for this study.
From the Orlando Sentinel: A “validity study” of the
Florida Standards Assessments, or FSA, found the test is reliable and an
accurate measure of whether students mastered state academic standards.
FSA data can be used fairly in teacher evaluations and to
calculate A-to-F grades for public schools, the study concluded. But the
study also found FSA’s 2015 debut to be troubled and said students who took its
computer-based exams should face a “hold harmless” policy.
That means a scores on those exams should not be used as the
sole factor in critical decisions like whether they are promoted or granted a
So it can be used to grade schools and teachers but not kids?
Um what???
From the News
Press: Testing problems run rampant A portion of these issues stem
from the computerized version of the test, which was taken by 2.4 million
students. This includes tech glitches that caused student sign-in
problems, alleged cyber attacks on the system and a problematic software
upgrade by American Institutes for Research, the company charged with
administering the exam. 
The study indicates that while districts reported a
“significant number of students” being impacted by testing problems, state data
shows that only 1 to 5 percent of students on each exam were affected by these
precise magnitude of the problems is difficult to gauge with 100 percent
accuracy, but the evaluation team can reasonably state that the spring 2015
administration of the FSA did not meet the normal rigor and standardization
expected with a high-stakes assessment program like the FSA,” the study
But hey
what’s a few rampant problems among friends.
From the Tampa Times: They pointed to a finding in the report that, for some
subjects, only 65 percent of questions were aligned to state standards. Several
questions focused on Utah standards, where the test was sampled, the report
It recommended replacing those
Stewart said a team of content
experts in her department culled many items from the tests because of such
issues, and the process will continue.
But hey
sixty five percent is good enough for Florida. Despite all of above and more
the test was found valid.

my language but what the f&*k!

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  1. Great blog entry.
    So many problems with this, yet, the teachers will take the blame by having to accept the growth of their students.

    1. I applied for a teaching job in Central Florida and in the process supplied all my academic credentials together with required references. Then to my surprise some IDIOT from the school district sent a letter requesting my VAM scores. I wish she would read my comment to recognize what a CONFOUNDED IDIOT she is!!!

  2. When FSA's can be used to grade schools and teachers but not students, tells me there is a conspiracy here. Unfortunately, the players here are so DIABOLIC, you could easily ascertain their blood line. Doesn't Aleister Crowley feature prominently?

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