When did the QEA board replace the school board and why did they let them?

I have talked about the QEA board and how they meet behind
closed doors to discuss the education policies they want the district to
follow. Yes it is true they are paying for quite a bit of it but what happens
when their money runs out and to be honest I don’t think it should matter the
school board should be setting policy. 
Then this is from Action News: “Different types of teachers can teach different types of
kids,” said Nina Waters of the Community Foundation of Northeast Florida.

Waters oversees the fund and said many of those new teachers will come from
other counties and a spokesperson confirms the district is already looking

Who the
beep is Nina Waters and why is the media going to her to ask about what’s
happening to the districts teachers? Now I have met Mrs. Waters and she seems
sincere with her care about the district but at the same time who elected or
hired her? Who gave her the authority to speak for the district? Oh the QEA
board did. 
She was
also wrong by the way. The teachers moved from the QEA schools will be put in
other schools and as far as I know the district, which has a hiring freeze in
place isn’t looking anywhere else.

Like or dislike the QEA but
at least acknowledge it circumnavigates the people and now a shadow school board is
now making decisions that should have been made only after the school board
fully vetted them in the public.

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