When are children supposed to go to the library in Duval’s schools?

Both Fel Lee, chair of the school board and Trey Czar, director of the JPEF nonchalantly quipped
about the fate of our school’s libraries in a recent Folio article. The
sentiment was, sure it’s unfortunate but things aren’t as bad as they seem.
Well a reader asked, just when are students supposed to be able to use the

 In middle school children get 30 minutes
for lunch. The school day was reduced by 15 minutes to accommodate busing. So
students cannot go to the library during lunch. After school, they probably
catch the bus………so when would they have a chance to get a book? 

The truth is it is worse than it seems, especially since a pair
of our so-called education leaders don’t get it and instead make lame excuses. 

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