What would they do with the JEA money if it was sold.

A plan, a plan, my kingdom for a plan. City Hall has basically demanded every detail for what DCPS would do with the referendum which is a fifteen year plan that involves 114k children, 14k employees, and 170 schools. When asked what they would do with the money from JEA if it sold, they said, oh you know we’ll figure it out. For #@%^s sake. It’s like City Hall isn’t even trying to hide how anti-public ed they are.
From Florida Politics,
He also sees undergrounding power lines and septic tank phaseout as good uses of proceeds, which are supposed to be over $3 billion.
Jordan Elsbury, representing Mayor Lenny Curry, said these were discussions for when proceeds were procured. The same holds for unfunded liability paydowns, he said. And another bill might be required even if something is passed her
Um what?!? Elsbury who thinks 18-1 is unanimous just said, we’ll figure it out when we get the money.
How much more proof do people need that City Hall was fighting against the referendum so our schools would crumble and their donors would get paid?
We are not being led, we are being ruled.
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