What passes for logic in Duval County

Oy vey, buckle up because it is going to be a crazy ride.
If the Global Outreach Academy’s grade drops to an F from
it’s current D it will get a three-year contract.
If the SOS Academy improves to a D from its current F, it
will be closed, but if it somehow gets to a C it will be given a one-year
Then if the Tiger Academy’s grade climbs to a C, from it’s
current D, the only grade it has ever scored it will be rewarded with a 5-year
And if your head is spinning welcome to the Duval County
School Board.
I suggested poor performing schools get a one year contract
until they improve or are closed, I wasn’t asking for sustained success which
is what we should be looking for, heck I was barely asked for a hint of success but they obviously have their own way of doing things. 

Up is down and the charter is king in Duval County!

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