What the papers are saying about the Tony Bennett scandal.

Politico: Bennett’s tinkering in Indiana “betrays the public trust that is
essential to the legitimacy of these kinds of ratings, or any measure of school
quality.  http://www.politico.com/story/2013/08/school-grading-questioned-with-florida-chiefs-exit-
From the Associated Press: The revelations that Bennett and Indiana officials scrambled
to change the grade of one school come amid a strong debate over Florida’s
grading system.
the Sun Sentinel: “If he tweaked [the
scores in Indiana],” said Clare Kirchman, a parent in Jupiter, “what
can we really count on?
Florida Today: “It is baffling that some in the
Legislature keep moving the bar higher on our children, while the bar for
gubernatorial appointees to ensure their success seems to get lower and
lower,” Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville


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  1. Jeb Bush has been on a mission to privatize all florida public schools since he moved to Florida. Reason, simple, all the money that involved in education Jebbie wants it all for him and his friends. All his children were educated in Jacksonville Prestigous BOLLES School no public school for his children no sir.

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