What is the difference between a charter school and a private not for profit school.

The difference is none, accept politicians in Tallahassee
knowing the lure and luster has fallen away from charter schools what with over
240 closing in Florida and dozens and dozens of others receiving low grades or
wracked with one scandal after another, are attempting to change what Charters
are called, hoping the public is asleep or to dumb to notice.
Friends of charters in Tallahassee are trying to funnel even
money into these defacto publicly funded private schools.  These politicians like  George Moraitis have all but erased the line between
what is good for their bank accounts and what is good for children.
If charter schools worked, if charter schools did better
than public schools then maybe this is a conversation we could be having but
they don’t and haven’t but that hasn’t stopped Tallahassee from handing them millions
and preparing to hand them any more.  
Bob Sykes of Scathing Purple Musing has done some amazing
reporting on this, to read more click the links.


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