What does education Commissioner Pam Stewart have to do to get fired?

First there was her saying that common core would cost
nothing extra, spoiler alert it has cost tens of millions of dollars more.
Then she outsourced our test development to Utah at the cost
of five million dollars, because you know they are so similar to Florida.
She then said districts would be ready for the new state
tests despite all the districts saying, um no we won’t.
The latest guffaw is the end of course exam for algebra and
various other math subjects won’t count because they weren’t validated in time.
Did the end of the school year catch her by surprise?
If all of above was not enough the lost confidence and out
right revolt over testing that has taken place on her watch should be more than
Mrs. Stewart should be let go and the state board of
education which does not have one true educator on it should follow quickly
behind her.
Then before anybody gives her credit for the graduation
rates rising, I would like to point out that across the nation they have gone
up and I sincerely believe here in Florida the elimination of the mandatory Algebra
II and Physics or Chemistry requirements is mostly responsible.

Education is serious business unfortunately here in Florida
we have put people in charge who have not been up to the task.  

4 Replies to “What does education Commissioner Pam Stewart have to do to get fired?”

  1. What caught her by surprise is HB7069, which delayed the scores until the test is validated. That is even more a reason why she is unqualified: she listens to no one. Oh, Pam, when are we getting our letter that explains why an invalid test is important enough that we should ignore its devastating and cruel impact upon our children? Wait, what, no more letters? You are too busy testing children with only a brain stem?

  2. Taking 4 electives out of 8 classes is also helping grad rates. Nobody fails due to low GPA anymore.

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