Welcome to Duval County where throwing paint against a wall hoping something sticks is the solution to our problems.

The Times Union just did a piece on our new
reading initiative and it made me remember our old reading initiative which we
started with great fanfare in 2011.

Then when I was looking up what the Times Union and I wrote three years ago
about it, I found these stories from 1999 and 2005 about, you guessed it, new
reading initiatives..
Okay you are probably wondering
what my point it. The reading initiative, the QEA, whatever blue ribbon panel
that recently met on education, 8 years of TFA now are all symbolic of
Jacksonville’s problem and that’s we don’t address our real problem, poverty.
We say, lets have a new reading
initiative, lets pay teachers to transfer, again, and before you say not to
this degree well a few years ago they offered people a free masters degree to
go to Jackson and I think Ribault too.

We keep throwing paint against the wall hoping something sticks while ignoring
the real problem poverty and we could be doing things that address it, that
mitigate it but gosh darn it why would we when we can have another reading
initiative or try merit pay one more time.

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