We need to let people know we aren’t happy with Tony Bennett and his privatization at any cost agenda

 Florida Friends, I hope you all take the time tomorrow to
write your local paper and notify your elected representatives about Tony
Bennett. If a teacher were caught conspiring with a parent to change a
student’s grade they would be fired, instead Bennett got a campaign donation
and a job in Florida.
This revelation is proof Tony Bennett, Jeb Bush, etc. aren’t
interest in having the right answer, just having their answer, the
privatization of public education and the destruction of the teaching profession,
be right. It could also mean that they lose all credibility.  If we let people know about what they have

Take five minutes, write a letter to the editor, and
then cut and paste it and send it to your representative. We should have people
who care about our schools and children not special interests, be in charge.

These links will help you find your Florida senator and representative respectively…



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