Wayne Weaver is no hero, but take his money and run.

Wayne Weaver has offered a matching donation of up to 200k for the referendum.

From Duval Citizens for Better Schools,

J. Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver are pledging over $200,000 in challenge match funds to support community efforts to pass the half-penny sales tax referendum for safe, secure, and modern schools. The referendum will be voted upon in the November 3 general election.
The Weavers, local philanthropists and former owners of the Jacksonville Jaguars announced their matching grant on Monday, June 1, along with DCBS finance chairman Michael Ward, former CEO of CSX.

The value of the challenge grant is over $400,000, meaning Duval Citizens for Better Schools must raise $200,000 in new contributions to meet the Weaver’s matching grant. Currently, Duval Citizens for Better School has raised $230,000, which does not qualify for the match.


I just donated 20 bucks, sorry make that 40 with Weaver’s matching grant.

This is the thing, Weaver is no hero, he has donated to Schellenberg in district 7 whose campaign manager thinks BLM is a terrorist organization and who thinks homosexuality is a mental illness, and this after a decade of him being on the wrong side of every education issue. I don’t know if he is trying to clear his conscious or his wife told him to do this but take the money and run, sorry take the money and donate.

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