Warren Jones completely contradicts himself in the district 5 forum

I am not going to lie, it would have taken a lot for Warren Jones to have won me over during the district 5 forum.

He has taken tens of thousands of dollars from Gary Chartrand and his friends who are seeking to privatize public education and who don’t think teachers are professionals.

Then he is a recycled politician. He spent 28 years on the city council and now thinks, hmm I will give the school board a try.

Finally what has he done and where has he been in regards to education? This was a question he didn’t really answer at the Forum though he did say he watched most school board meetings from home a statement I found a little dubious.

So to say he had a big lift to get me is no understatement. Here is the crazy thing when I left I actually felt like he was even less suitable for the board than I already did and a lot had to do with his closing remarks.

After fawning over Teach for America and more on that to come, he said our kids in district 5 need to have professional teachers in front of them. Well Mr. Jones what is it, do our children need professional teachers or is TFA the best thing since sliced bread because you can’t have it both ways.

At the end of the day he seemed like a nice elderly gentlemen who was both running for the wrong reasons and way out of his depth.

It just showed me that he was wiling to go in any direction he thought the wind was blowing and, that he really doesn’t understand what is happening in our schools.

District 5 you have an important choice to make over the next couple weeks and Jones would be a poor one..

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