Want your kid to learn a skill in school? In Florida you have to send them to jail first

Your son or daughter more interested in working with their hands? Would they like to earn a decent wage after high school rather than spend four or more years in college? Are they interested in starting life debt free not tens of thousands of dollars in the hole?

Well it used to they could learn a trade or a skill in school which would send them on the road to those things. But with all the budget cuts, the one size fits all curriculum and the dogged insistence that every child goes to college regardless of aptitude or desire, the teaching of trades and skills, positions that will never be outsourced to India or other third world countries, have been unceremoniously dumped.

Steve Wise however wants to bring the teaching of skills back, the caveat however is the child has to be in jail.

If Wise’s juvenile justice overhaul goes through it will require that both middle and high school aged students, among other things, get industry specific certificates. It’s part of the overall effort to leave them in a position to get a job when returning home.

“Unfortunately, the (current) law only requires an education program that supports treatment goals and leads to a high school diploma or equivalent,” reads a Senate analysis of the bill.

It is unfortunate that the law of the land now only provides for a high school diploma or its equivalent. That is the senate’s own language.

There are a lot of unfortunate things about how education is done in Florida.

Friends want a good life for your son or daughter? The only way they may be able to get it in Florida is if you send them to jail first.


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