Want to know what kids in second grade are doing?

The schedule of a local second grader was made available to me. I look at it and I feel sorry for the kid.

The state mandate is 90 minutes of ELA and there is no mandate for math.

Thoughts? Concerns? Pulling your hair outs?

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  1. Nancy Carlsson-Paige would advocate for more developmentally appropriate playtime! Kids in tK are being made to sit & do rote academics @ age 4 now in CA! We are creating a perfect storm of new generations w/ lack of self regulation, empathy or an ability to think for oneself! Maybe every politician needs to take a developmental psychology class?#euducraticoath

  2. Where is time for Breakfast in the Classroom, Morning Broadcast, transitions between resources, lunch, etc, bathroom breaks, prep for dismissal, and all the other real-life activities that take place during the school day?

  3. Duval County mandates 150 minutes of ELA instruction in K-2 (60 minutes for literacy centers, 60 minutes for Duval Reads/Writing instruction, and 30 minutes for Saxon Phonics). The district had people in schools doing class visits on the third day of school making sure this was being followed. I have had two focus walks as of last Tuesday (seventh day of school) Teacher judgment and what is right for children is completely gone in this district.

  4. Thus is horrifying. No recess. Where is Social Studies (probably embedded in ELA) 60 minutes of PE a week is not in compliance with statute. Is this by any chance a "lowest 300 school" that is required to do an extra hour of reading instruction?

  5. This is reality. There is no teacher judgement allowed. Remember when we were given guidelines and told to create a schedule based on student needs? Now we are told that "It is imperative you follow the schedule provided so when we come into your room we know what you are doing." So basically what you are saying is our leadership is so idiotic that people with masters degrees can't observe our posted schedule and figure out what we are doing?????? It isn't the teachers people…..this starts at the top. Don't even get us started on the lack of skills in this 'Duval' curriculum!!!

  6. This is ridiculous. . take away pe from.children.. You need to be worried about changing this insane curriculum

  7. Don't forget that on about every other Wednesday the school day is cut short for early dismissal. Where is the 75 minutes in lost instruction time supposed to come from? A standards coach once told us, with a straight face, "What you do doing early dismissal will make you such a better teacher that it will more than make up for lost instruction time." Yeah, right!

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