Voucher advocate is all about accountability and fair comparisons just not right now.

From Redefined Ed: Lisa Tucker, director of First Christian Academy in
DeFuniak Springs, said she supports the public schools in her area, and that
she would have no problem seeing their results compared to students at her
school. However, she said it could take time before those comparisons are

“I welcome accountability,” she told
the committee. “I welcome a day when we are given the same test. I welcome an
opportunity to show how over-qualified my staff members are. I welcome the opportunity
to be that place within our community, and to provide, again, a choice that
makes both systems, both schools, better.”
Just not today right?
Um, why couldn’t the comparisons be
made available tomorrow?
I bet it is because the comparisons would
show the exact opposite of her second paragraph.
In Florida accountability is only
for public schools and private schools that take vouchers are laughing all the
way to the bank.

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