Vitti’s made a staggering 120 principal moves in two and a half years

Vitti has never stayed anywhere very long and he loves Teach for America too which tells me he doesn’t see the value of continuity. Unfortunately (for us) he is in a profession where continuity is a premium. Also notice that Al Brennan of First Coast did not make the list. Here are this years changes.

Arlington Elementary: Kimberly Brown, formerly Martin Luther King FAME Academy
Atlantic Beach Elementary: Mindy McClendon, formerly assistant principal at Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Bartram Springs Elementary: Kim Wright, formerly Atlantic Beach Elementary
Beauclerc Elementary: Mariah Spasoff, formerly assistant principal at Beauclerc Elementary
Dinsmore Elementary: Wanda Reese, formerly of St. Clair Evans Academy
Ed White High: Jason Bloom, formerly of Stillwell Middle
Englewood High: Sara Bravo, formerly of Julia Landon Middle
Finegan Elementary: Shameka Brown, formerly assistant principal of Cedar Hills Elementary
Ft. Caroline Elementary: Violet Stovall, formerly of Justina Road
Greenland Pines Elementary: Jackie Sneddon, formerly at Oceanway Elementary
Gregory Drive Elementary: Detra Tucker, formerly assistant principal at Enterprise Learning Academy
Hogan Spring Glen Elementary: Charlene James, formerly assistant principal at North Shore Elementary
Jacksonville Beach Elementary: Cameron Mattingly, formerly an assistant principal at Jacksonville Beach Elementary
Julia Landon Middle School: Tim Feagins, formerly of Woodland Acres
Joseph Stilwell Middle: Jennifer Campese, formerly assistant principal of Stilwell
Kernan Trail Elementary: Suzanne Shall, formerly assistant principal from Chets Creek
Kings Trail Elementary: Shanethea Shubert, formerly assistant principal of San Jose Elementary School
Lake Forest Elementary: Cassandra Thomas, formerly assistant principal of Brentwood Elementary
Lee High School: Scott Schneider, formerly of Terry Parker High School
Mandarin Middle School: Dean Ledford, formerly of Lee High School
Merrill Road Elementary: Diane Clark, formerly of Kings Trail
Martin Luther King FAME Academy: Cindy Gentry, formerly assistant principal of Sadie Tillis
Northwestern Middle: Tyrus Lyles, from outside the district (unspecified)
Oakhill Elementary: Clair St. Amand, formerly assistant principal of Jeff Davis Middle School
Oceanway Elementary: Michelle Hinkley, formerly assistant principal at Highlands Elementary
Principal of District Dual-Language Programs: Vanessa Mangual, formerly of Beauclerc Elementary
S.P. Livingston Elementary: Andrea Williams Scott, formerly of Gregory Drive School
San Mateo Elementary: Carolyn Wells, formerly of Bartram Springs
Sheffield Elementary: Cassandra Delay, formerly assistant principal of Southside Estates
Spring Park Elementary: Aaron McWilliams, formerly principal of Stonewall Jackson
St. Clair Evans Academy: Lawanda Polydore, formerly assistant principal of St. Clair
Terry Parker High: Megan Pardue, formerly assistant principal of Lee High
Twin Lake Middle: Tammy Tuschoff, formerly of LaVilla Middle School
Whitehouse Elementary: Bill Gilley, formerly assistant principal of Whitehouse Elementary
Woodland Acres: Tiffany Fullwood, formerly assistant principal of Woodland Acres

4 Replies to “Vitti’s made a staggering 120 principal moves in two and a half years”

  1. Fletcher Middle was in the bottom 16% in the employee survey and the insane woman there has been left in place. It's obvious that the DCSB isn't interested in retaining experienced teachers.

  2. Experienced teachers are expensive. Its the same at my school. They want new (untenured) teachers who are afraid to speak up and work for cheap. They don't care if they play on their phones all day while the students watch movies.

    1. The article in the TU said some were promoted to district positions, others that didn't move I imagine are out of a job.

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