Vitti’s Harvard says no to Teach for America

What you didn’t know he went there for grad school? I feel like it’s brought up more than math here in the county. Well he did and now the Harvard student body is pushing back against Teach for America.

From the Crimson: A dozen members of the Student Labor Action Movement assembled outside Massachusetts Hall on Friday afternoon to deliver a letter to University President Drew G. Faust, imploring Harvard to cut ties with Teach For America if it does not make several key changes to its program by Oct. 8.

The effort is part of a larger national movement started by United Students Against Sweatshops that criticizes Teach For America, a nation-wide program that recruits college graduates to teach in low-income communities for at least two years, for undermining the quality of public education.

“We’re calling on Harvard to support and provide the resources for people who want want to have lifelong careers in public education, not people who want to teach for a couple of years and then go to law school or business school,” said Blake A. McGhghy ’17, a SLAM member who spearheaded the Harvard branch of the campaign.
When America comes to its senses and decides to invest in its schools and teachers rather than blame them for our problems TFA and its supporters are going to be on the wrong side of the story. I find it ironic that Vitti’s grad school has started the ball rolling. 

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