Vitti’s habbit of being on a cell phone when people are talking.

From a Reader

Two of my introverted students (I was an IT teacher for God’s sake)
overcame their deathly fear of speaking and practiced with me after
school a couple of days to prepare to speak to Vitti, the school board
and JaxPEF about the Sandalwood IT Academy.

When they spoke, we
all (teachers and students) noticed Dr. Vitti on his phone the entire
time. One of the students came up to me slightly sad, slightly mad, and
said, “Mr. Khalil, Dr. Vitti was texting on his phone the whole time.” I
told her I was sorry, that I’m sure something very urgent had happened.

I checked my own phone and saw a new informational email from
Vitti. It was not urgent. That was my first time meeting Dr. Vitti and
my impression of him has only gotten worse since then.I’m glad to see
him getting called out publicly on his disregard and disrespect for the
value of other people’s contributions. People take it seriously when he
is in the audience. I only wish he would take it seriously.

is a common theme with Dr. Vitti, that people never feel he is a really
listening at things like roundtable and town halls and even one on one
conversations. It’s an issue.

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