Vitti’s contract extended.

It was a rough and tumble night but at the end of it Vitti’s contract was extended 7-0. But that’s not the story, the story is the fireworks that happened along the way.  To give you a little scope below are the titles of the blogs I plan to write in the next few days.

Becky Couch reads school board (Jason Fischer she was looking at you) the riot act.

Cheryl Grymes fails her first big leadership test, earns a Pyrrhic victory on supers extension.

Paula Wright reveals worst kept secret, we don’t know what the beep we’re doing.

Jacksonville’s business community is dumb, really, really dumb.

Jacksonville School board is in disarray.

Zero teachers speak on Vitti’s behalf.

10 Replies to “Vitti’s contract extended.”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to be there and to speak. Watching the "public comment" portion of the meeting made it clear that the fix was in as the moneyed interests came out in force to support this hasty and unnecessary move to avoid accountability. The only comfort is now the board has spent it's political capital on this move and hopefully the citizens will hold THEM accountable in the elections to come. What a shameful sham.

  2. Are they considering giving him a raise? I am only planning to receive a $500 increase, according to the pending contract between DCPS and DTU.
    I suggest the board offer him the same.

  3. This is extremely disheartening. I am absolutely sick that this was pushed through so quietly and quickly, and how the business community (and for some reason, pastors?) were so supportive when Vitti has done so much to try to make Career education irrelevant in this city.

  4. "Zero Teachers Speak on Vitti's behalf." The majority of the school board are former teachers — all voted in support of the contract.

    1. Incorrect, only Hall, Couch and Wright were teachers and if you watched the telecast you could tell they felt coerced, the ones that weren't professional educators are the ones who supported him.. Heck read the paper.

  5. The majority of that stinking board are traitors then. Vitti is an arrogant hack who probably could not teach at one of the more challenging schools in the district.

    1. I agree. Did they get input from the public for this? No. They had business leaders there to speak up for him but those are the same business leaders that back the charter schools coming in. Did they offer to host an "town halls" to get the public opinion on extending his contract? I don't recall seeing anything about that. This whole thing is a shame! I can say with all honesty that I will remember this when election time rolls around. Our county tanked in 9 out of 16 areas under his leadership last year and he is being held harmless for it. Heck, tank 9 areas out of 16 (or score the equivalent of 56%) and we will extend your contract is the message I see being sent. Becki Couch can cry foul all she wants but she still betrayed those who voted for her by extending his contract. They weren't coerced. They could have voted no. Instead, they vote yes and try to call foul. I call BS on that one. This whole mess is a shame. There was no need to rush this through. They should have waited on the data but chose not to. I'm just so disgusted at this point.

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