Vitti welcomes charters with open arms.

For someone who says they want to bring kids back from Charter schools Vitti (and the board) seem to be doing a lot of the opposite.

He just recently brought in Charter School execs to run our middle schools and to be principal of Ed White High school. They join a former charter school lobbyist who arrived in the Fall.

Then just last month they extended the contracts of several failing charter schools as well as approved several new charter schools.  Since he has been here the proliferation of charter schools has increased and he even attended a conference with charter school proponent and confident Gary Chartrand, whose theme was how do we bring more charter schools to Florida.

So where he says he wants to bring students back from charter schools and private schools color me unconvinced.
In fact color me worried

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  1. Vitti sold his soul to Chartrand and will do everything that Chartrand directs him to do – we do not have a Superintendent but rather a weak inexperienced individual who cares more about his professional career than this community and its children. It should have been clear from the very beginning that Duval was unable to attract quality individuals to assume the position of Superintendent. It is no secret to people across the country that graduates of Bob Peterkin's program at Harvard typically have very inflated views of their ability – Peterkin called in favors to place them as interns and Vitti didn't distinguish himself as Crew's intern in Miami and Crew did him a favor when he got bounced from Miami by asking Eric Smith to give Vitti a job – Vitti didn't distinguish himself in FDOE and then Carvalho picks him up when Smith leaves and manufactures a last minute staffing change to give the impression that Vitti was something that he clearly was not – he was not a senior administrator in Dade until the eleventh hour. His behavior reflects classic insecurity and we are headed for a disaster

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