Vitti switching course on policy decisions.

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Dr. Vitti
Beginning to Reverse Course
began with the news item that he was thinking it made financial sense to pay a
fine rather than hire the necessary number of classroom teachers to meet the
class-size amendment.
his stance was that DCPS wasn’t constructing master schedules correctly and he
would show them how so that they could meet class-size requirements without
additional personnel and resources in the schools.
 What that meant was that
principals looked for non-classroom personnel who could be given classes and
found them in Support Facilitators. This year, when teachers are desperate for
help with ESE students, they are on their own because Support Facilitators are
teaching classes and are not available to work with the ESE students, which
should be their focus.
in his latest budget proposal, he is thinking about reducing the ranks of
instructional coaches, whereas one year ago, he said if his leadership of DCPS
was going to make transformational change in our schools, it would be through
the work of instructional coaches.
(I apologize
that this link is behind the T-U paywall for readers who don’t subscribe.)
not going to argue for or against the role of instructional coaches in this
brief post, I’m simply noting the change in thinking.
we soon see the picture of the former superintendent on billboards around the
city with the caption, “Miss Me Yet?”

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