Vitti starts off by insulting the teachers of Detroit

I know, I know I shouldn’t be still writing about him anymore but my google alert settings keep sending me stories. 

Vitti starts off his tenure in Detroit insulting his staff. I will let his words do the talking for him.


“From a business perspective, you have to have talented individuals within an organization in order to create different systems that are the inputs to create better outputs,” Vitti said in an interview with Crain’s. “The (school) system already has some talented people, but we have to scale that.
“Once we scale talent, I think then your product — which is educational services — improves.”
Oh so Detroit has some good teachers, some, a few here and there and some, and once they fire the bad ones and hire some more good ones they will be AOkay. 
Ignoring poverty and blaming teachers has never worked, but hey Vitti may as well keep trying.
Vitti often partners with a group called the New Teacher Project and their overriding principle is called the widget effect, which says school districts can fire their way to success. 
From a business perspective, oy vey, schools can’t nor should they be run like a business and after a few years of him damaging Detroit’s school system they will figure that out as well. 
I am so glad he is gone, now to go change my google settings.

5 Replies to “Vitti starts off by insulting the teachers of Detroit”

  1. This is great. Keep the Vitti stories coming. He has done some damage and should not get off Scott free!

  2. Let it go, my friend. If only because no one could make sense of that gobbledygook he spoke: different systems that are the inputs to create better outputs. We used to call this slinging the cow manure for an essay test. It means nothing. However, if I had to parse this, a system is not an input. A system is something that receives an input to produce an output. Gobbledygook, indeed.

  3. Let it go man. You are obsessed with Vitti and Chartrand. Sounds like you have a serious problem. Just rename your blog to chartrandmatters because that is all you seem to really care about.

    1. Scott don't forget about my "obsession" with you. Just for grins and giggles, what do you care about?

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