Vitti just can’t help insulting his staff.

I know Vitti has a high opinion of himself just look at last
years self-evaluation which said he could all but walk on water. There is a
fine line between hubris and confidence and sadly he obliterated it.
Also where he is very confident in his own abilities that
seems to be where it ends (except inexplicably with Iranetta Wright and the
Mason brothers that is) as he went on to insult our principal group in the
paper today and so soon after insulting the districts teachers too.
He told the TUs editorial board that we don’t have a great
principal in every school (gee I wonder which ones he is talking about) and we
have a lot of work to do to shore up our schools leadership.

Now don’t get me wrong, I and many people in the
district felt for years who you knew not your ability determined a lot of
promotions and there were way to many lateral moves for admins not getting the
job done but there is a difference me writing about it on my blog and the super
announcing it to the editorial board buit worse of all what’s changed?!?
Seriously Vicki Shultz just running a high school and Addison Davis and Wright
running regions???  New boss same as the
old boss, well except super Ed didn’t feel the need to insult his staff constantly. 

4 Replies to “Vitti just can’t help insulting his staff.”

  1. I think you mean Davis bros? I agree that Vitti is no better than EPD when it comes to morale and bully culture. Improving morale was his "top priority" when he began. What BS! I never thought it could get worse, but it is. That's probably why only aggregate parent climate survey is the only one released to the public. Where are all of the others that were always posted on the DCPS website? Parents, staff and students for every school used to be posted. They must be pretty bad.

  2. Check out the HR Transactions. It also looks like he is making us top heavy again with the addition of quite a few "assistant superintendents" or "region chiefs". What about purchasing textbooks instead? Perhaps replacing teacher laptops since many of us have ones that are 5 years old and seldom work with current programs? What about purchasing some supplies for the classrooms so I, like many others in this county, aren't having to buy something as basic as a pencil? Alas, what do. I know? I am but a lowly peon in a broken system chock full of waste and decisions being made by a dart board. Sad 🙁

  3. It is hard to fault really any of the principals when Vitti seems to dictate everything that they do. Every week, it seems he gives new mandates to admin and teachers that they must follow, and then he blames these same people when the results don't turn out. He argues that teachers should have professional freedom in their own classrooms, but then he turns around and mandates rotations, as if those will solve all classroom ills. He doesn't like the CGA, FCAT, or EOC results, but he and his staff approved the curriculum and the benchmark tests and told us how to teach it. Those of us with common sense don't take everything the district mandates to heart, because, inevitably, the "new and improved" regulations won't last. Unfortunately, every year we get a mess of new teachers who think all of these ideas are like messages from god and freak out. Vitti does not seem to value anyone except those with "perceived" status. Those people are not the ones making the big difference in the schools; teachers are the most important part in implementing change. I have been through 3 principals in 3 years. I stay because I know it doesn't really matter who leads the school, only who leads the classroom!

  4. If you think Vitti's bad pray Lenny isn't elected. Curry has already made Chartrand his "point man" on education. Can you imagine the unholy triumverate of Vitti, Curry, & Chartrand? Not to mention their council sycophants Ashley Smith Juarez & Jason Fischer. If that happens DCPS might as well write a blank check to charter schools while they raffle off public schools to the lowest bidder.

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