Vitti has the audacity to tell people he knows what teachers think. (rough draft)

a Times Union piece about Florida’s testing debacle, the superintendent said,  
But for now, the state’s proposed cut scores are still too high,
said Vitti, who pointed out that Florida has repeatedly raised academic
standards in recent years to make students more college-ready. 

It raised cut scores
before the new tests and again with new, tougher tests, artificially boosting
the numbers of students who’ll be considered below grade level or failing, 

Vitti said. Teachers feel as if
this is all part of a long litany of insults,” he said. “The 
accountability system manufactures 
low performance and then issues scarlet letters of D’s and
I don’t want to dismiss the fact that teachers are concerned
about the FSA and frustrated by the way the state does things because we are but what Vitti is apparently tone deaf to is that many teachers
feel a lot of the insults are coming from him.
The super has taken pot shots at the quality of the district’s
teachers practically since day one.
Discipline which admittedly was far from great before he
arrived has gotten worse.
Teachers feel micromanaged and ignored by the district.
Help is rare and criticism from the district is rampant.
I was at a JPEF community meeting a couple weeks back and
there teachers spoke about the districts culture of fear not about how crappy
the FSA tests are.
So yes teachers are concerned about the FSA however many are more concerned about what is
happening at one Prudential drive more so than what is happening in Tallahassee.  
Here are just a few things the super has said about

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